Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've got a new job!

When last summer (at the southern hemisphere) was ending, I wrote a post mentioning a horrible day when I was fired from my previous job and a megathrust earthquake hit the country.

Finding a new job was difficult because almost all job offers I'd seen required skills and experience in very specific topics (and the employers didn't give me the chance to learn the tools demanded). I am an engineer not a skilled programmer so I'm not an expert in a specific tool, but I am able to learn quickly, build from scratch, and analyze (and solve) problems.

A month ago my wife and I were invited by senior marriages, whom give speeches at the church to couples who want to be married, to attend the next event. We went there, introduced ourselves (and I mentioned I was unemployed) and gave our marriage testimony. After that, a guy (called Sergio) who was there, asked me for my CV. I sent to him via email (as I'd done with many people).
Next week, Sergio called and offered me a job. He invited me to a restaurant to talk about this topic. He said he has a small company and needed one engineer able to develop software for the iPhone.
Wow! It sounded very interesting. But I told him I hadn't had experience developing software for Apple products. He said that was not an obstacle because I could have a first step to learn the necessary tools. That was my opportunity. I accepted inmediately. I've never shaken hands so enthusiasticaly.
I started the next day, downloading a lot of books related to the iPhone. (I don't have any Apple products). Then I set up a borrowed MacBook and my work begun.

Beginnings are hard but I'm really happy. I'm going to learn a lot of new things and experience. And guess what. I like the MacBook more than my (Windows) notebook.

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  1. Excellent post FJ. So glad to hear the church guy was willing to take a chance on you/let you train.

    It was a story well worth waiting for. Please keep the wait times down in general though - lol.