Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The loose ring

Today my wife called me from her office (she was alone today) with evident symptoms of panic and crying. She told me she'd lost her wedding ring when she was using the office's toilet (just a few minutes before).
She has thin fingers and I always see her rings sliding in her hand. It was clear the ring fell into the toilet. But my question was even clearer:

"Did you FLUSH the toilet?"

I do know (and she didn't) the toilet has a siphon inside and if you drop a solid object inside, it won't go away. It is at the bottom of the siphon and it could be recovered. But if you have flushed the toilet...

"No, I didn't" she said. "HELP ME!"

Thank God, the ring is still there, I said to myself. But how do you explain this to a woman in state of panic?

"Well hun, listen..."
"WELL, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T FLUSH IT! The ring is still there. I'll try to find a plumber. Don't touch anything. Keep the toilet CLOSED and wait for my call. Bye."

While I was thinking how to solve this new and weird problem (I have never put my hand inside a toilet, so I didn't suggest that solution to her and I prefered a plumber's help), she called me back, and said she'd inserted her hand into the toiled and rescued the ring. Well, she has a smaller hand than mine, so the idea was a success.

Have you ever lost an important object like a wedding ring? Does a ring slide easier along female fingers? My ring is not tight in my finger but it cannot slide by itself.



  1. I once stupidly was putting on a new watch (a gift) after taking a shower and didn't pay attention to where I was.

    I was right beside the toilet and it fell off into the toilet. It was only in there a few seconds before I retrieved it.

    Thankfully I hadn't pooped in there and not flushed - lol, but it was already water-damaged.
    The moral - never put things on over the toilet.

  2. Oh, that's incredibly hilarious!