Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FJ's murse

This time I'm going to write about a more personal topic. I'm not sure if this could be interesting for other people, but my blog is an experiment in many ways, so let's see what happens.

When I was young, I carried some of my belongings (wallet, keys) in any pocket. But often I lost my keys or I didn't remember in which pocket my precious money was. Also, my portable belongings started to grow in number. And really, who wants bulky pants or jackets? (At least, not me.)
So I decided to use a small bag to carry all my personal stuff.

I didn't know if this type of bag has a special name in English, and I found a portmanteau word: a murse, that is, a male purse. Well, I'm not sure if my bag could be called a murse, because definitely it is NOT fashionable --it's just a useful grey bag.

Now my dear readers, I leave to you this question. What's in FJ's murse? LOL

I'm thinking of a (pretty) prize for the best answer :-)