Monday, April 19, 2010

Burn baby burrrn!

Ten years ago, I used to organize meetings with some friends (sharing the hobby of collecting music) and everyone presented their new adquisitions (new CDs or mint vinils), and the others guys copied the musical stuff to their computers (thru a not trivial process called ripping). At that time, the only way to obtain scarce discs.

Today, no meetings are necessary: we (the old friends) put the name of the performer (or title) in any internet search engine and we have a lot of sources with files available for download (no more rippings). Mainly mp3s sources. Unfortunately, I don't like mp3s files. My ear is able to detect artifacts inherent to this type of compression.

My friend Rod (from the old meetings) told me about a website that contains many music in lossy and lossless format, and (this is the best part) members post stuff every day.
A lossless format is a compressed file, but unlike lossy mp3s, the compression doesn't affect the quality of the original sound.
So these days my CD writer has been very busy burning a lot of discs.

PS: Burrrn (with three Rs) is the name of a small program able to read lossless files and burn them onto a CD-R.


  1. That is pretty cool that you use to meet with people to share music in a group. All I have ever known is to share music over the internet.
    I am curious if you are able to hear the difference between digital vs. analog music (compact disc vs. vinyl)

  2. I'm the friend that introduced FJ to the lossless world. I remember when we met just for music.... Just listening (and backing up) some music drinking a coffee or a beer. But right now it's all online..... Oh, I miss that times....

  3. fishguts: vinyl discs sound "warmer" than CDs, I can feel it. Unfortunately, when you play vinyl records, it is inevitable to hear the clicks and pops due to dust and scratches, so I prefer the digital sound.

  4. I kind of miss the days when I was FJ's only commenter. But I am being selfish. It's actually nice to see more commenters here. I'm sure FJ thinks the same about my page which now has more commenters too.

    We are both looking up in the blog world, FJ. But I'm sure neither of us will forget our roots. We were each others "first". And no, I won't tell Francesca. LOL.

    BTW, nice nostalgic post. Feel free to talk more about the subject in a subsequent post. Also, remember, you were going to talk more about your trip to the Netherlands. Don't forget about that.

  5. Rod: I miss the old days too, when our meetings lasted until the next day (and I still remember the horror expresions of our girlfriends LOL)... All night "making backups" for our collections of course.. LOL.

  6. Pushycat: I'm glad to see more commenters (you have contributed to make that possible, so thank you), and I didn't forget my story about the trip, of course I will resume it.