Sunday, April 4, 2010

The old but reliable transistor radio

In case of earthquake, blackout (or another emergency), I listen news and information using a venerable transistor radio instead the modern mobile phone or mp3 built in radio. Why? Because new gadgets are dependent on AC power (internal batteries need recharging when exhausted), and usually AC power is down in an emergency. If the battery is out, the only hope is a spare one, but often gadget's batteries aren't standardized!

Even if the transistor radio's AA batteries are dead when an emergency happens, it is possible to open a TV or DVD remote control and use their batteries. I wonder if young people know this simple but important facts...

Before the last earthquake, transistor radios were not abundant in some stores (because people prefer the new and beauty mp3 players). Now it is impossible to find pocket radios. People have rediscovered the convenience of an old and simple transistor radio.

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