Friday, April 23, 2010

My first girlfriend

I told PushyCAT about an idea for my blog, and she said she'd thought the same before, so I offered her a (fair) deal: She could talk freely about the idea in her blog, but I would decide her next article's topic. We agreed.
(Don't tell her, but I conceived that idea --and the deal later-- because I wanted to see other kind of topics in her blog.)
But she insisted in picking the topic for my next post. ("That's not fair" I thought, but I conceded, knowing she was going to decide an embarrassingly title. "Quick payback" I thought later.) And she selected the topic you have read.

My first real girlfriend was Marilyn (real names have been changed to protect the innocent from jealously people LOL). She was 18, a brunette girl. We met dancing a complete disc of KC and The Sunshine Band. Marilyn liked music (as me), and she was a fan of Queen. She was an intelligent person but not a nerd. I could say, a good girl, but Marilyn had a main defect: she usually didn't show initiative to do things or solve her own problems.
Our relationship was quite short and I decided to finish it.
After that experience, I put my eyes on blondes. LOL.

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